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Raul Pretto, owner and operator of EFR Corporation, has turned wrenches for every single kind of mechanical warehouse device in existence.  Native to Argentina, he learned much of his trade here in the United States.  He began his material handling journey working for Dierecx as a forklift technician.  However, his supervisors observed his perserverence and saw excellent leadership skills in him.  After much deliberation, they promoted him to field manager.  His responsibilities included dispatching service technicians to jobsites while helping them troubleshoot hard-to-diagnose issues.  He did so well, that eventually, he was promoted to operations manager.  His superiors entrusted him with opening new buildings and establishing operations in several different cities across the United States.  Those responsibilities prompted him move his family to many different places, including Texas, Pennsylvania, and Mexico City, Mexico.

During his tenure at Dierecx, he learned the inner workings of the industry and started thinking that perhaps he could run his own operation.  After careful consideration, he found the courage to open his new venture, Electric Forklift Repair Corp., repairing machines onsite and out of his garage. 

As co-owner of this exciting company, Raul’s wife, Mavi, runs the administrative half of EFR, the Forklift People.  With her extensive expertise on import/exports laws and corporate initiatives, she fulfilled the other half in getting EFR off the ground and into the forefront of the material handling industry.  

Thanks to her knowledge in office management, informations systems maintenance and industry protocol, she helped her husband, Raul, bring EFR into an exciting material handling powerhouse: THE AUTHORITY in all things Material Handling.

Finally, over 30 years later, the business blossomed into the wonderful entity it is today.

Family owned and operated, EFR Corp. has over 50 years of experience and is proud to be a leader in the forklift industry. Serving New Jersey since 1987, our philosophy for impeccable customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.   We are proud to be an affordable “One-Stop Shop” when it comes to forklift repairs, maintenance, sales and rentals. Not only do we offer the best quality forklifts for sale and superior forklift repair & maintenance, but we also offer scissor lifts, boom lifts, sweepers, scrubbers, pallet jacks and many other types of material handling equipment.  Our dedication to providing our customers with the most outstanding service at the most competitive prices is what makes us THE BEST CHOICE for all of your forklift material handling needs.

With EFR Corp by your side, we provide everything you need to outfit and refine your new or existing fleet with just one phone call – 732-249-7757.

Check out our Inventory page for a list of all the different types of equipment that we carry here at EFR Corp.

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