Before Xtender Battery Regenerator Service

Batteries are incredibly valuable and they are your only fuel source for your electric forklift.

Extend its life span with an Xtender Battery Regenerator in Located in Somerset, NJ servicing Elizabeth & Cranbury, NJ and Surrounding Areas.

Since batteries are so expensive, you want to do everything you can to keep them well-maintained and operating at peak performance. Investing in an Xtender battery regenerator service is the best way to break down current sulfation build up as well as increase battery capacity, efficiency and performance.

EFR Corporation offers comprehensive Xtender Battery Regenerator services at our shop in the Somerset, NJ area. With our specialty machine, we can preserve your current battery so you don't have to invest in a new one anytime soon.

Talk to your EFR Representative to have your battery rejuvenated and take the first step toward preserving your battery. We serve Somerset, NJ servicing Elizabeth & Cranbury, NJ and surrounding areas.

After Xtender Battery Regenerator Service

Keep Your Batteries Strong

Discover what makes Xtender Battery Regenerators so effective

Over time, lead sulfate crystals will accumulate within your battery. These crystals lower your battery's charging capacity, meaning you'll have to replace it sooner rather than later.

An Xtender Battery Regenerator is a fully automated machine that works by discharging, desulfating and recharging your lead-acid car battery. It breaks down the sulfate crystals and can restore batteries in less than 48 hours. This effectively combats wear and tear on your battery and keep it performing at its best.

Our service even comes with free diagnostics software, so you can see detailed battery reports. An additional Battery Monitoring System can let you know when your battery needs regeneration again. We recommend getting this service annually.

Call 732-249-7757 now to ask about the Xtender Battery Regenerator service offered at our shop in the Somerset, NJ servicing Elizabeth & Cranbury, NJ and surrounding areas.

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