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Why The Forklift People?

The Forklift People is a formidable leader and authority in the Material Handling Industry.  Family owned and operated since 1987, the Pretto family treats each and every client as one of their own.  Every relationship is cultivated in respect for the common goal: to find the best operation method to help make you more profitable. 

What Credentials Does The Forklift People Have?

The Forklift People have single handedly maintained rental fleets all across the great state of New Jersey. Our managers are authority figures in this industry and have trained diligently to serve you better. Their hands-on approach and limitless knowledge benefit your bottom line and help you streamline your operation to the fullest extent. 

With Us, You’ll Always Be Family.

No matter what kinds of changes your operation is going through, we’ve experienced it ourselves. We know EXACTLY what you’re going through when it comes to major evolutionary turnovers.  Your fleet or personnel training regiment is in the best hands on the eastern seaboard. We’ll always be family, so we’ll always be here to counsel your next move. 

We're here to serve you. Period.

Whether your a small business or a major corporation with multiple locations, we adapt our coaching methods to you.  As a family owned business for over 30 years, we understand the complexities of day to day operations at every level.  

Our tried and true coaching techniques enable you to reinvigorate your operation and strengthen your productivity while maintaining your bottom line. Regardless of the current state of your business, our affordable rates contribute to your bottom line, not your overhead. 

Our main goal is to save YOU time AND money.

The Forklift People are here to help!


With one visit, we can determine the SWOT information and establish your ROI in working with the Forklift People.

Operations Training

We're not just forklifts... we're so much more. In establishing a plan of action to help your productivity levels, we are able to efficiently create a production plan and hold your hand through the entire process.

Service & Technical Training

Our fearless leader, Philip Pretto, practices an open door policy with each client. Philip uses open and honest communication with compassion and respect while attacking problem areas and determining SWOT criteria.

Warehouse Coaching Package


Technician Training Package


Operations Training Package


Client Productivity Improvement

Why Choose the Forklift People

Because we grew up in this industry.

Because we love what we do.

Because we treat you like family. 

Because we thrive helping YOU improve your bottom line.

Because we’re the BEST in MATERIAL HANDLING…

At EFR Corporation, you’re always welcome.  You’re always family.  You’ll always receive our best. 

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