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EFR Corporation, the Forklift People, has all the man power and resources you need for a fast and reliable racking system installation.

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  • Does your warehouse need new shelves and racks to keep your merchandise safe and contained?
  • Has wear and tear infiltrated the integrity of your current racks, causing them to rust or fall apart?
  • Do you simply want new and affordable racks of the highest quality?

What are racking systems anyway? Racking and shelving systems act as holding stations for logistical operations involving merchandising, manufacturing or transportation of goods, services, or supplies. Since most warehouse properties span a surface area that rivals small towns, racking installations can often take days, sometimes even weeks. Therefore, the racking and shelves must be put into place in order for all goods to be carefully put away. After all, the product needs to go somewhere. Call today for a proposal! 732-249-7757



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