Our Newest Line of Brand New Material Handling Equipment

Protect Not Just Your Overhead. Protect Your Bottom Line.

With American design and American power trains, we proudly present the LiuGong line of Forklift Trucks. Armed with the industry's best warranty, and American support, we can guarantee minimal downtime and extremely low cost of ownership.


Who knew forklifts like these could do so much more than just lifting things?

Liugong is among the first forklift and material handling manufacturers that created high altitude equipment in China. Thanks to this forklift type, manufacturing businesses around the worlds are able to create more jobs and revenue streams. Goods, products and services are now available to parts of the world that were once deemed inaccessible.

Liugong forklifts helped warehousing companies implement new logistics systems to help individual productivity become more efficient. As more companies installed more plants, the demand became more imperative.

That's were Liugong came in: it was at the forefront of this movement, helping usher in a new wave of manufacturing and logistics facilities in remote parts of the world. Call 732-249-7757 to speak with one of our experts.


Each Liugong forklift fulfills a complete 108 point inspection prior to shipment. Since each Liugong forklift is assembled to specifications before ordering, rest assured you get exactly what you need.


Liugong Forklifts withstand any terrain, from pulsating heat to frigid cold weather - Liugong can take anything your operation can dish out.